Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas stuff, pigtails, snow and playroom.

Ellie's playroom almost finished! I love how the trees turned out.

A few days ago it was finally nice enough to take Ellie out in the snow. It was so much fun and she loved it. I bought her a little sled that has a back and a seat belt. It worked really good and was only $15 at Walmart. We have a little hill in our front yard from all the snow pilling up from shoveling, it was the perfect size for Ellie. It was funny to watch her try to move around in the snow with her snow suit on. She did a few face plants that resulted in some tears and Doug gave her a lesson about what color of snow is okay to eat. I am really happy she likes the snow and am looking forward to many afternoons outside.

I am so excited that Ellie's hair fits into pigtails!! I think that they are so cute and make her look like a little girl not so much like a baby anymore:( It is so much fun trying new things with her hair and she is so good to sit in the sink and play while I do it.

A couple of weeks ago Ellie and I went to the Strathmore fire dept. kids Christmas party. It was really fun! They rented Jumphouse Gymnastics and Ellie loved it! I am excited to start taking her there to play. Then we went back to the fire hall and Santa came for a visit. Ellie was not to sure what to think. She didn't cry but she was holding her hands out to me like why are you making me sit on this strange man's lap.

Ellie got the cutest Christmas dress for a gift when she was born. I have been so excited for her to wear it and was so happy it was just the right size. These are not very good pictures and don't really do the dress justice. The bottom of the dress is really sparkly it is hard to tell in the photo's. I think that she is going to wear it again this week so maybe I will be able to get some better pics.


Meg said...

Kristi, she is so darn cute! Merry Christmas.
P.S. LOVE the playroom!

karlielsa said...

The play room is so cute! Does she love it? Love the pigtails, it's fun when you can do something with their hair. I'm not very good at doing Ava's hair but lets face it, I can't even do my own. Hope Christmas was good. Talk to you soon!

cassy said...

That is a really cute play room, when did you do that. She is a cutie!!