Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas stuff, pigtails, snow and playroom.

Ellie's playroom almost finished! I love how the trees turned out.

A few days ago it was finally nice enough to take Ellie out in the snow. It was so much fun and she loved it. I bought her a little sled that has a back and a seat belt. It worked really good and was only $15 at Walmart. We have a little hill in our front yard from all the snow pilling up from shoveling, it was the perfect size for Ellie. It was funny to watch her try to move around in the snow with her snow suit on. She did a few face plants that resulted in some tears and Doug gave her a lesson about what color of snow is okay to eat. I am really happy she likes the snow and am looking forward to many afternoons outside.

I am so excited that Ellie's hair fits into pigtails!! I think that they are so cute and make her look like a little girl not so much like a baby anymore:( It is so much fun trying new things with her hair and she is so good to sit in the sink and play while I do it.

A couple of weeks ago Ellie and I went to the Strathmore fire dept. kids Christmas party. It was really fun! They rented Jumphouse Gymnastics and Ellie loved it! I am excited to start taking her there to play. Then we went back to the fire hall and Santa came for a visit. Ellie was not to sure what to think. She didn't cry but she was holding her hands out to me like why are you making me sit on this strange man's lap.

Ellie got the cutest Christmas dress for a gift when she was born. I have been so excited for her to wear it and was so happy it was just the right size. These are not very good pictures and don't really do the dress justice. The bottom of the dress is really sparkly it is hard to tell in the photo's. I think that she is going to wear it again this week so maybe I will be able to get some better pics.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December so far...............

December is flying by!!! I can't believe Christmas is in 9 days. I love Christmas but I always feel like it comes and goes so quickly. It always seems like December is so busy that I don't get time to enjoy Christmas. And every year I say next year I am going to do my shopping early so I have time to do other things like bake, make chocolates and crafts. Well once again maybe next year!

Doug, Ellie and I went up to Edmonton and stayed at the Fantasyland Hotel. It has become somewhat of a tradition for Doug and I to go there for our anniversary. We have gone every December since we were married with the exception of last year having a brand baby and all. But this year was not quite as fun as I remember it being in years past! Maybe due to a 1 year old girl named Ellie who does not like shopping unless she is being held my her Mother! And whose Father thinks that Ellie's Mom is spoiling her because she carries her instead of walking around the mall with her screaming in the stroller. And also what do you do in a hotel room when your baby is sleeping in the playpen at 8pm. I think that next year Ellie may stay at Grandma's for a few days! It wasn't all bad at least we got to see Breanne and get some of our Christmas shopping done. I can't believe that I have been married for 6 years!!!!

To be continued................

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie Bean!

This sweet little girl turned 1 today!

Where has the last year gone??? I can't believe that my baby is 1! I didn't think that I would be so emotional about her birthday but I am not going to lie I have shed a few tears about it. I am not so sure if it is so much about her birthday as me having to go back to work on Tuesday night. It is so hard for me to explain my feelings, I am sure all you Mom's out there know how it feels. It feels like just yesterday I was at the hospital in labour waiting to hold her for the first time. Now she is almost walking, jabbering away, feeding herself etc. Ellie is so much fun! Here is a list of things that she is doing at 1.
  • Can say Dada, Mama, ball and almost book.
  • She growl like a bear.
  • Gives lot of open mouth kisses (I can't get enough of them).
  • Loves her dolls! I don't know if it is instinct or what but she picks them up and rocks them, pats there backs and I think they get more kisses than me.
  • Can stand for long periods of time by herself but no walking yet.
  • She loves mandarin oranges and butterscotch chips.
  • Loves swimming and bathing.
  • Plays catch with a ball.
  • Eats anything she can pinch between her finger and thumb.
  • Loves to dance.
  • Likes to play with other kids.
  • Can go up and down stairs.
  • Laughs all the time.
  • Mom and Dad are her favorite! She loves to be held.
  • Is obsessed with nursing.
  • She loves animals especially dogs.

I am sure there are alot more things that she is doing I just can't think of any more right now. She is an amazing little person! She has the best personality and I am excited to watch her grow and change. I am so grateful that I was chosen to be her Mom! I can't imagine what life would be like if I didn't get to see her beautiful face everyday.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I love this little girl so much!!!

We had family pictures done in September by Rebecca Cooper from Raymond. She did an amazing job here is a teaser more to come soon. Isn't she so cute!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Harder than I thought it would be!

So yes here is another post about being a mom! But lets face it this is my life 24/7. I really don't know what I thought it was going to be like having a baby. I thought they slept all the time and that I would have lots of time to scrapbook, quilt and do other things that I enjoy. Lets just say I have had the reality check of my life!!! Who new that showering would become a luxury instead of a necessitie. That sleep would become non existent and would be no me time anymore. Not to say I don't love every minute of it (except the middle of the night). And I think that I have pretty much done everything I said that I would not do. For example I said that I would never bring her in my bed to sleep........haha I am not sure some nights I would get any sleep if I didn't. I said she would sleep in her crib the day she came home from the hospital............she is still in her bassinet and she is 5 months. I have set my self a deadline tho, I told Doug at 6 months she is going in the crib. Anyway I don't really know where I was going with this post but I would just like to say kudos to all the Mom's out there you make it look to easy:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day!

I have secretly been looking forward to Mother's Day since becoming a Mom! For about a week or so before the day I had been reminding Doug and asking him what he thought we should do for our Mother's (hint hint). Saturday morning I woke up to Ellie as usual but then something amazing happened! Doug jumped out of bed grabbed Ellie and told me to get back in bed (not that Doug does not help with Ellie in the morning he just usually not as excited). Then the next thing I know I am being served breakfast in bed! Then Doug informed me that Ellie decided that she wanted to take me swimming. When we got there we realized that neither Doug or I had bothered to pack the bag with the swim suit's and towels. So a quick trip to Walmart and a 120 dollars later we were ready for swimming. After swimming we went to mall and Ellie fell asleep in her stroller (which never happens). I guess Doug had plans to cook me dinner but by the time we got home it was late. It was such a fun day hanging out with my little family! I couldn't have asked for a better day. Oh I almost forgot Doug didn't allow me to change one diaper all day. Thanks Doug and Ellie! I love you

Friday, May 15, 2009

Going to give this another try!

So a lot has happened in the last year. We had a baby girl on Nov.29/08 and named her Ellie Kay!!! So our lives have completely changed as you can imagine. I never imagined that Motherhood could be this hard, but so fun at the same time! Ellie is now 5months old and has already changed so much. When she came she was just a ittly bitty thing weighing only 6pounds 4ounces. Since then she has almost tripled her weight! Now a woping 17pounds and that was a few weeks ago I am sure she is almost 18pounds.